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Sunny Delight Alpha-Zoo
Concentration Game!
Fun with letters, animals and sounds. See how quickly you can find pairs of letters and animals -- then sing along with the class with the classic ABC song!
Halloween Carnival Halloween Haunted Carnival Game
Cream the spooks with your strong mouse finger and some pretty apples. A real carnival game simulation.

Buggy Bop
The best kept secret in the jungle: jungle air hockey. It's what the animals play when we're not looking.

  Fence Builder
Defend the family farm from the Bolsheepvic revolution.
Bird's Eye

Bird's Eye
Do what birds do best! Take aim at the cars speeding by below you. Don't forget to take time to eat all those yummy bugs whizzing by!


Musical Keyboard
Compose and Play your own songs right here on the web. You can also download this and put it on your own web pages!

Lickety Splat Lickety Splat Fly Zapping Game
A hungry little frog needs your help to fill his tummy. A game which you can play here and also download and put on your own web page!
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It's easy to license an Adveractive game. And arranging for the creation of a completely custom game is pretty simple too.
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