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  Pinball Escape! Pinball Escape
Our all new adventure game. Guide your pinball to freedom thorough a maze of levels. Avoid the tyrannical bumpers and other obstacles, bent on your eternal servitude.

Komso Girl
Defend Mother Russia from the alien hordes in this exciting alterna-history epic!


10 Minute Tank Blast
Fight the battle, blow away the opposition in 10 minutes,
then back to work.

  Brunch In Manhattan Brunch In Manhattan
Hungry aliens are attacking Manhattan! Your job, as part of an elite, futuristic Marine trooper, is to defend the city and yourself from the advancing alien troops. Don't be next on the menu! Save this game using Shockwave's "save" capabilities.
Bird's Eye Bird's Eye
Do what birds do best! Take aim at the cars speeding by below you. Don't forget to take time to eat all those yummy bugs whizzing by!

Xtreme Racer
Race through the fire pits of Nahte, the beautiful water tracks of Ahtnamas, and the ice flats of Europa.

Halloween Carnival Halloween Haunted Carnival Game
Cream the spooks with your strong mouse finger and some pretty apples. A real carnival game simulation.
  @ir Hockey @ir Hockey
The entire Byte family is ready to challenge you to a fast-paced game
of air hockey. Watch it! They're out to win. Save this game for offline play using Shockwave's "save" capabilities.

A quick trigger finger and a good sense of direction are key to survival as you blast your way through a maze defending yourself from enemy tanks. Save this game using Shockwave's "save" capabilities.

Client Games
Merlin's Quest Merlin's Quest
A CD-ROM style game done in Shockwave!
Battle to save King Arthur; meet every challenge. This is an immersive experience that encompasses five separate games showcasing Intel's Web Design Effects.
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It's easy to license an Adveractive game. And arranging for the creation of a completely custom game is pretty simple too.
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